Disinfection and Infection Control

In response to the COVID-19 outbreak and beyond, we have been supporting clients with Anti-Viral disinfecting services that are suitable to both property’s and vehicles.

These cleaning services are designed to;

Eradicate 99.99% of all known Viruses, Bacteria and Fungi inclusive of;

  • Coronavirus
  • Noravirus

Help reduce the spread of COVID-19

Enable a safe working environment for both customers and staff

Provide business owners with the peace of mind to continue working through these difficult times

Our disinfection service utilises a treatment known as fogging whereby a machine is used to fill the room with a mist of disinfecting particles that kill 99.99% of all known viruses. The residue left from these particles continues to work on undisturbed areas protecting the workplace after the initial treatment.

The particles of disinfectant are so small, smaller than a human hair at under 50 microns, that the treatment is safe to use in areas containing electrical equipment such as an office and the area is safe to populate again within a matter of hours.

Our hospital grade Anti-Viral solution is non-toxic and therefor safe for a variety of surfaces including soft furnishings, carpets, hard floors, walls, furniture, kitchen spaces and entire office suites.

North Ayrshire Wide

Domestic Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning

Benefits of the service are;

No need to remove any furniture or equipment

Can be carried out at a time to suit your needs

Hospital grade disinfectant

Does not bleach or stain

Can be used to prepare large areas in a short amount of time

Suitable for large indoor / outdoor spaces where crowds may gather e.g. arenas or shopping centres

We cover a broad range of premises which are inclusive of;


Care Homes


Food and Beverage Outlets


Leisure Centres

Rental Properties

Residential Homes

Retail Outlets

Transportation Services

Soft Plays

These services leave your premises Virus free.

Other benefits of our fogging services are deodorising and pest control. Our machines can cleanse a property of lingering smells inclusive of smoke and pets.

 Get in touch with us for more information and to arrange for an appointment where we can discuss in more detail the service that is right for you.

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